Welcome. This is quite obviously under construction.

An independent self-published creator is faced with a near impossible task of having to write, and edit, both their content and their own promotional materials. I enjoy writing much more than I enjoy wondering how best to present myself to the world. Especially one that is often if not generally hostile to ideas. Once I realized I was being censored, I developed a strategy to ensure my work would be available in as many locations as possible. I also decided that those platforms censoring me and others had to be boycotted and generally opposed. And mocked as often as possible.

It is the greatest irony, tragedy and injustice, perhaps in human history, that those of us who filled the internet with content as a volunteer effort for the first two decades of its existence, are now told we need "debt forgiveness" rather than reparations for having our work and ideas stolen from us. And in many, many cases, used against us in a vast system of near-invisible oppression, repression and data-hoarding for the assembly of proprietary content and social engineering. Or who knows what. The internet itself has sadly became a money-funnelling propaganda tool for the worst people in the world who already had too much money the day they were born.

If you are so "woke" that you cancel people from your life for disagreeing with you, then you are not an intellectual, and are heartily contributing to the world's main problem, which is a mass psychosis induced by centralized mass media whose primary intent is to herd people into categories and induce them fight each other. After which all the tiny feuding herds will be methodically enslaved by their demonstrated masters. Nearly all of my work is to prevent this eventuality, which I admit may at this point be a quixotian effort.

But I try. I will do my work.

My most accessible book and the work of which I am most proud, is this collection of 4 short plays that I would like to produce for the theater and/or animate. The spec is available for free in pdf form at that link.

The other three books I have been working on for the last few years can be purchased here here for a sliding scale.

And you can get them for free in pdf here, here, and here.

Mental Self Defense is a collection of essays, definitions and memes regarding the nature of the descending totalitarian oppression and my experiences dealing with it, as an activist first, and then as a professional technologist. Expanded Definitions for Important Words is a term by term analysis of the English language and how some words are more important than others, and how some words are themselves the source of our troubles, and so we should spend some time discussing them and seeking a defintion we can all agree upon. The Book of Anti-Epstein memes is a collection of long form memes that examines from multiple angles the moral imperative of child protection and the basis of age of consent laws for a functioning society.

Here is an audio commentary I am starting at radio4all.net about current events..

And my meme-based plandemic presentation can be found here at Brighteon..

Here is some of my music and spoken word..

I put a few videos up on youtube that haven't been censored yet in case you are curious. Use youtube-dl if at all possible to avoid and boycott google as much as you can.

I used to have a wordpress site until it became expensive, a lot of the content is archived here.

Here is an article recently published by Russ Winter's site, Winter Watch To Unite Against Our Common Foe. I can, of course, not vouch for all of the content at this site, they simply invited me to submit an essay and I did so.

Expanded Definitions can also be found here in a single page of text. This book will be under construction for basically, the rest of time, so anyone can just email me anything they find wrong with it and I will consider their point.

To that end, you can contact me at jmichael at protonmail.com, when the people who spam the login are on break from denying me access to it with failed password guesses.

Please contribute to my work, if you find it useful in any way. I promise you my economic situation is perilous for dare stating my beliefs and attaching my own name to them. I have, after all, linked you thousands of hours of my as-yet uncompensated work from a single page of text. Consider also this does not count my work on sites like reddit and other forums where I have been attacked, censored, and many times threatened. At this point, there is also a very, very good chance you have read my work or seen one of my creations and did not know it.

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